February 2013 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 44 No. 2

Sexual hook-up culture

Sexual hookups

  • Sexual hook-up culture

    With more emerging adults having casual sex, researchers are exploring psychological consequences of such encounters.

Replicating interesting results


Interesting results: Can they be replicated?

In the wake of scandal, psychologists are encouraging more data sharing and replication studies.



Outsmarting con artists

Stanford University psychologist Laura Carstensen has co-founded a research center aimed at preventing catastrophic incidents of financial fraud.

Sen. Daniel K. Inouye


Remembering Mary Sherlach

Friends and colleagues reflect on the life of the school psychologist who died while defending her students.


Teens who've spent time in the juvenile justice system have higher rates of psychiatric disorders, new research finds.

Colds and cognition

Studies offer fresh insights on the cognitive effects of colds and why some people may be more susceptible to them.

Easing ADHD without meds

Psychologists are using research-backed behavioral interventions that effectively treat children with ADHD.

The therapist effect

A group of psychotherapy experts is working to delineate the characteristics that make some psychologists more effective than others.

Register now for psychology's regional meetings

Here are highlights, dates and locations for each of psychology’s regional meetings.

A ‘door opener'

Michael Roberts aims to create a strong evidence base for supervisors as the new editor of Training and Education in Professional Psychology.

Recognizing the needs of a growing population

The new Journal of Latina/o Psychology will address social justice, advocacy and policy related to Latinos — and improve the training of psychologists who work with them.

Committed to kids' well-being

APF Koppitz grantees are advancing child development research in such areas as autism and sickle cell disease.

APA board and committee election results

Congratulations to the members who were elected to APA's boards and committees in this fall's election.

Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti, PhD (credit: Robyn Berry Photography)


Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti, PhD

Professor, multicultural advocate and mindful mom of three.