January 2013 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 44 No. 1
January 2013 Monitor on Psychology

On the Cover:
Wake up

  • Awakening to sleep

    Tempted to read just one more email before you sleep? Don't. New research finds that not getting enough sleep — whether because of our insatiable desire for digital media or more traditional sleep disturbances — has far-reaching effects on physical and psychological health.

“ I was trained as a social psychologist, so leadership within systems was something I found fascinating,” says management consultant Dr. Allen Parchem. (credit: Mark Hines)


The leading edge

Psychologists are using their training to take on major leadership roles in organizations nationwide.



A fount of wisdom

Donald N. Bersoff will highlight ways to increase professional diversity, retain science members and help military families during his presidential year.

Psychological hijinks


Psychological hijinks

Hailed as a “scientific Playboy,” for 20 years the Worm Runner’s Digest poked fun at the pomposity of science, with spoofs by B.F. Skinner, James V. McConnell and other psychology luminaries.

APA provided key psychological evidence in three important court cases in the last year.


APA offers expertise to the court

APA provided key psychological evidence in three important court cases in the last year.

Tuning in to psychology

Thanks to iTunes U, free psychology lectures are pumping through the earbuds of thousands of students, professionals and curious laypeople around the world.

The waking wounded

Addressing injured soldiers’ sleep issues helps improve their rehabilitation, psychologists find.

African-American women at risk

With the obesity epidemic disproportionally affecting black women, APA and the Association of Black Psychologists co-hosted a summit to explore the intersection of race, stress and social context — as well as the culturally sensitive interventions that can make a difference.

Editors for the information age

A pioneer of digital publishing and a world-renowned expert on meta-analysis team up to edit psychology’s first open-methods, open-data and open-access journal.

Bridging art and science

The new editors of The Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts will publish research from a broad array of scientists and reach out to new audiences.

An eye for implementation

The new editors of Clinical Practice in Pediatric Psychology® plan to make it a must-read for all pediatric practitioners and researchers.

Supporting women leaders

APF President Dorothy W. Cantor has given a total of $125,000 to APA's Leadership Institute for Women in Psychology.

Early Career Psychology


First year on the job

Throughout the year, the Monitor is following four early career psychologists as they navigate the transition from trainees to full-fledged psychologists.

Random Sample


Ed de St. Aubin, PhD

Award-winning teacher, self-proclaimed former slacker and nontraditional dad.

Think globally, act locally


Think globally, act locally

This year's APA Science Leadership Conference explored new ways to promote psychological science within academia and the broader community.

Rising to the occasion

Syracuse University Chancellor Nancy Cantor described a vision for putting psychological science to work in the community.

Make every dollar count

Science Leadership Conference speakers discussed ways to promote psychological science in today’s financially lean times.