Candidates for APA President

Q5: What should APA do to advance the recognition of psychology as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline within the larger scientific community, for funding agencies and for the public?

To support a cultural shift such that psychology is viewed, in and outside the profession, as a STEM discipline, we must:

  • Advance the recommendations of APA's report on psychology as a core STEM discipline.

  • Promote primary, secondary and post-secondary curricula that place education in psychology among the STEM disciplines.

  • Foster interdisciplinary research training to enable psychologists to collaborate with other STEM scientists in "team science" projects.

  • Help academic leaders communicate with higher administration concerning funding, facilities and training.

  • Educate the public about psychological research and how this informs us about the human condition and improves society.

Q6: What would you do during your presidency to increase APA's leadership in promoting, supporting and informing widespread integration of mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment into primary and family health care?

Since the time is NOW for psychologists to be integrated into primary care, as president, I would:

  • Provide a monthly report in the Monitor on people's experiences, evidence-based psychotherapies in primary care and telehealth strategies.

  • Convene an interdisciplinary summit that produces a best practices toolkit; recommendations for transforming the educational pipelines, including through interprofessional training; models for cost-effectiveness and quality improvement research; and public education initiatives.

  • Promote APA's primary-care fellowship and expand such efforts.

  • Lead state and federal advocacy initiatives that support psychologists' involvement in health care.