Candidates for APA President

Q5: What should APA do to advance the recognition of psychology as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline within the larger scientific community, for funding agencies and for the public?

My first step in advancing psychology's position as a STEM discipline will be to develop a program that gives students in the STEM disciplines more incentives to become APA members. I will strengthen APA's alliances with organizations representing other STEM disciplines, demonstrate our commitment to basic research and develop research agendas that promote psychological science as an integral part of STEM. Further, I will increase resources for our scientific legislative advocacy efforts and partner with the American Psychological Foundation to develop proposals for funding STEM initiatives.

Q6: What would you do during your presidency to increase APA's leadership in promoting, supporting and informing widespread integration of mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment into primary and family health care?

I will create specific connections with organizations associated with primary care in medicine and nursing. As the psychologist member of the board of an integrative health-care company, I am responsible for the development of technological applications for behavioral health, including fitness, habit control, weight loss and addictions. In my presidency, APA will sponsor trainings for physicians and nurses on psychology's contributions to primary care and its application to behavioral health. My "Body/Mind Initiative" is all about bringing psychological science to the public and allied health professions through organizational alliances with medical, nursing, pain management and chemical dependency organizations.