Candidates for APA President

Q5: What should APA do to advance the recognition of psychology as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline within the larger scientific community, for funding agencies and for the public?

Dear fellow members, please remember that we're all "APA" and can't be bystanders. We must each educate others about psychology as a science and promote the many benefits that have come from psychological science. However, we must also apply our science in an evidence-based manner and act from a scientifically supported position when dealing with patients, colleagues and the media. We'll build credibility and reduce publication bias by electronically publishing preregistered replication studies and studies without significant findings. Research data should not be hidden away in a junior colleague's file drawer or go unchallenged by others.

Q6: What would you do during your presidency to increase APA's leadership in promoting, supporting and informing widespread integration of mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment into primary and family health care?

Some say we've become "medicalized." We're often paid to treat diagnoses rather than promote strengths or healthy behaviors. However, our position in the health-care system gives us an incredible opportunity to turn around and change medicine right back. We'll act not just within a health-care system—we'll act on the health-care system. Psychology improves the quality of patient care and overall health-care outcomes. Psychologists like my wife who work in primary-care settings prevent early deaths and reduce overall health-care costs. We'll increase the opportunities for psychologists, not reduce them, and we'll promote our value.