Candidates for APA President

Q5: What should APA do to advance the recognition of psychology as a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) discipline within the larger scientific community, for funding agencies and for the public?

The National Science Foundation lists 11 STEM disciplinary foci, one of which is "social, behavioral and economic sciences." APA should actively publicize the association's commitment to advance psychology as a science—a STEM discipline—leading toward increased public awareness of the important contributions of theoretical and translational (i.e., bench to bedside) psychology research. APA should emphasize psychology as a STEM discipline in its recommended curricula for students from high school through doctoral training. Our message to the public and to funding agencies should focus on differentiating psychology as a profession within which the scientific method is foundational.

Q6: What would you do during your presidency to increase APA's leadership in promoting, supporting and informing widespread integration of mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment into primary and family health care?

APA recently began recruiting for a new primary-care fellowship. As president, I will actively work with this fellow, the Practice Directorate, other health professions and policymakers to assure that psychologists are seamlessly integrated into the emerging health home. Inclusion of psychologists in the federal definition of physician is a goal I encouraged APA to pursue while serving on CAPP. The theme of my presidential year is "The Year of Our Youth." Preparing students and early career psychologists for leadership roles within the primary-care team will be critical for the advancement of the next generation of psychologists.