Candidates for APA President

Q1: What concrete steps will you take during your term to encourage the engagement of early career psychologists (ECPs) in APA (scientists, educators and practitioners)?

Involving early career psychologists of all orientations in APA is among my highest priorities as president. I will prioritize our advocacy efforts for all ECPs. Advocacy is key in securing new interdisciplinary research opportunities for scientists, inclusion of psychology as a STEM discipline for all ECPs and, through APAPO, stabilizing reimbursement rates for practitioners. We will address the enormous debt load with which some ECPs struggle, and assess workforce needs in our changing society. ECPs need to see that APA is technologically responsive, visionary, and inclusive with respect to their participation in governance. I will involve ECPs in all my initiatives.

Q2: What is your vision of the future of psychological science in an era of increasing interdisciplinarity?

Psychological science, the foundation of everything that psychologists do, also has important applications across the health and behavioral science disciplines, in business, in politics, and in the larger society. I will take leadership on integration of psychological science findings in the broadest range of fields, using APA's publishing and technological capacities to showcase the applicability of our science to all life experiences of individuals, families and society. I intend to employ advocacy, build collaborative relationships with related organizations, and access media to identify psychology as a primary resource for health, business and social policy.