Division Spotlight

Div. 2 will highlight early career teaching at APA's convention

The Early Career Psychology Council of Div. 2 (Society for the Teaching of Psychology) will present the teaching symposium "How to Conduct Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Research as an Early Career Psychologist: From Getting Your Feet Wet to Diving In" at APA's 2012 Annual Convention in Orlando, Fla., Aug. 2–5. Presenters will focus on ways early career psychologists can conduct research and simultaneously enhance their classes through course assessments and other techniques.

Also at APA's convention, the Early Career Psychology Council is unveiling a $250 poster award for projects on the scholarship of teaching and learning. The first author on the poster must be an early career psychologist within seven years postdoctorate or within seven years of beginning full-time, college-level teaching. To submit your poster for consideration, send a draft of the poster and a 500- to 1,000-word summary to TeachPsych by July 1. More information on the award is available online.

SIOP to host annual meeting next month in San Diego

Div. 14 (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology) will hold its 27th annual conference April 26–28 in San Diego. Keynote speakers will include Stanford University social psychologist Albert Bandura, PhD, and Jacqueline A. Berrien of the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The conference features programs on workplace discrimination and sessions on corporate social responsibility, overqualified employees, the aging workforce, work-family issues and workplace incivility, among other topics. SIOP President Adrienne Colella, PhD, of Tulane University, will deliver a talk and announce SIOP's annual award winners and fellows. The division will also host 12 pre-conference workshops on workplace challenges on April 25.

For more information, contact conference chair Lisa Finkelstein, PhD, or program chair Deborah Rupp, PhD. For registration information, visit the SIOP website.

Financial psychologists petition for new division

Financial psychologists welcome support for a petition to create a new APA division—the Division of Financial Psychology—which would serve as a home for practitioners, researchers and students interested in financial psychology, financial therapy and money as a topic area in psychotherapy.

Sign the petition and read more about the goals for the proposed division. For further information, contact Mary Gresham.

Two divisions gain new council seats

Div. 39 (Psychoanalysis) gained a seventh seat on APA's Council of Representatives and Div. 50 (Society of Addiction Psychology) gained a second council seat as a result of the 2011 apportionment vote, held Nov. 1 through Dec. 16.

Each APA member can cast up to 10 votes for any division or state, provincial and territorial psychological association (SPTA) or combination they choose. The final tally determines the number of representatives these groups have on the council. Three divisions lost a seat: Divs. 40 (Clinical Neuropsychology), 55 (American Society for the Advancement of Pharmacotherapy) and 56 (Trauma). 

As a group, APA divisions lost one seat to the STPAs, bringing the division seat total to 97 and the SPTAs total to 65 when these changes take effect in 2013. New Jersey and Massachusetts each won a second council seat, while Illinois lost its second seat. 

For more information on the election results, contact APA's Elections Office.