Psychology-related podcasts range from hours-long university courses taught by top-notch researchers, including John Kihlstrom, PhD, and Alison Gopnik, PhD, to one-minute sound-bites about new and interesting psychological findings. Here is a sample of the newest podcasts out there:

  • 60-Second Mind: Each Saturday, Scientific American presents a one-minute podcast on the latest brain and behavior research. Recent topics include a study suggesting that young children tend to believe that objects in nature, such as pinecones or rocks, cannot be owned and another study showing that musicians tend to retain their hearing longer than nonmusicians.

  • All in the Mind from ABC Radio Australia: Science journalist Natasha Mitchell presents a weekly podcast about the mind, brain and behavior, including segments on dreaming, depression, addiction and artificial intelligence.

  • All in the Mind BBC: This weekly podcast explores the limits and potential of the human mind. Recent episodes include an interview with psychologist Daniel Kahneman, PhD; an episode on the power of sleep to improve memory; and a program on mental health in Hong Kong.

  • The Brain Science Podcast: Emergency physician Ginger Campbell, MD, shares neuroscience news, reviews books and interviews leading scientists from around the world. Recent podcasts include: a discussion of “Beyond Boundaries: The New Neuroscience of Connecting Brains with Machines — and How It Will Change Our Lives” by neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis, PhD, and an interview with psychologist Sian Beilock, PhD, on her book “Choke: What the Secrets of the Brain Reveal About Getting It Right When You Have To.”

  • Inner Talent Interviews: Writer Douglas Eby interviews psychologists and others about the emotional and social aspects of personal growth and creativity. Interviews include psychologist Shelley Carson, PhD, on enhancing the creative brain; psychologist Stephen Diamond, PhD, on anger and creativity; and psychologist Ted Zeff, PhD, on how people can benefit from being highly sensitive.

  • Psychology 101 and other university courses: Several top-ranked psychology departments, including the University of California, Berkeley, New York University and the University of California, Los Angeles, offer podcasts of some of their most popular psychology courses. There’s social psychology with UCLA’s Matthew Lieberman, PhD; introductory psychology and social cognition with Berkeley’s John Kihlstrom, PhD; and developmental psychology with Berkeley’s Alison Gopnik, PhD. Podcasts are available through iTunes.

  • The Psychology of Attractiveness: Psychologist Robert Burriss, PhD, produces this monthly science podcast that highlights research on such topics as jealousy, cheating and testosterone.

  • The Story of Psychology: Missouri State University professor Daniel Todd, PhD, has created a 21-episode podcast covering the major philosophical, religious and cultural trends that contributed to the formation of modern psychology. Find it on iTunes.

  • This Is Psychology Podcast: APA Chief Executive Officer Norman B. Anderson, PhD, hosts this video series highlighting some of the most intriguing psychological research being published today. Episodes cover bullying, mental health in children, caregiving and climate change.

  • The Wise Council Podcast: Psychologist David Van Nuys, PhD, produces this monthly podcast on mental health and psychotherapy topics. Recent episodes include interviews with psychologist Marsha Linehan, PhD, on dialectical behavior therapy; Barbara Okun, PhD, and Joseph Nowinski, PhD, on family grief; and Kristin Neff, PhD, on selfcompassion.

—B. Azar