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The power of your gift

Through the American Psychological Foundation, compassionate individuals have funded research, scholarships and projects that have made real contributions in areas such as domestic violence, post-trauma recovery, prejudice and stigma, stress reduction, parenting and aging minds, as well as chronic diseases such as diabetes. APF’s donors have brought about change in the field of psychology and are bettering society through their generosity. Over the last decade, APF donors have provided approximately $5.9 million in funding to students and psychologists, including to Huaiyu Zhang, of Emory University, who won the 2011 APF Randy Gerson Memorial.

“I was thrilled to receive the Randy Gerson Memorial Grant from the American Psychological Foundation. I wish I could personally thank each person responsible for making the grant available.

The grant has directly impacted my research and career. Receiving the grant has allowed me to realize my dream of blending an Eastern philosophy with a Western empirical approach to study alternative treatments for maternal stress. I have been able to hire research assistants, recruit participants and carry out the study’s logistics.

The study’s results will address important empirical questions about the outcomes of a well-supported meditation practice and the treatment mechanisms involved in the training.

I believe that the grant will build my research credentials and enable my pursuit of a researcher’s position in academic settings.” —Huaiyu Zhang

A better society

Two psychologists are promoting psychology’s future by remembering APF in their wills.

Former APA President and current APF trustee Ronald F. Levant, EdD, of the University of Akron, has made a bequest to fund grants for early career psychologists who work in an area of critical social need through an innovative research, education or intervention project or program. The Ronald F. Levant Early Career Grant will support the research of one early career psychologist every year for five years.

“I have been blessed throughout my career by the support of others in a variety of professional endeavors. I see this gift as an opportunity to return the favor. My gift will support early career psychologists who might be able to take their fledgling ideas to the next step, enabling them to eventually build substantial careers that might make significant contributions to the amelioration of critical social problems.”

APA Treasurer and independent practitioner Bonnie Markham, PhD, PsyD, of Metuchen, N.J., has also remembered psychology in her will with a bequest to APF. She supports the foundation’s efforts as a way to ensure that psychology will continue to be innovative and that its future will remain bright.

“For as long as I can remember wanting to be anything, I have wanted to be a psychologist. It is a great privilege to live my dream. And it is an even greater privilege to be able to support the profession and those needing the expertise of the profession. The way I think of APF is that it is assuring that my dreams and those of so many others can be realized now and into the future.”

Travel grants available for women in developing countries

APF encourages early career women researchers from developing countries to apply for the Frances M. Culbertson Travel Grant. The grant provides up to $1,500 for travel and registration expenses incurred at a conference to keep abreast of the latest information in psychology. Grantees are also awarded a two-year affiliate membership in APA. Applicants must be women from countries that the World Book defines as developing and be within five to 10 years postdoctorate. The application deadline is February 15. For more information visit Frances Culbertson Travel Grant.

Fund your research on gifted and talented youth

APF is accepting applications for the $25,000 Esther Katz Rosen Fellowship, which supports doctoral students’ research on gifted and talented children and adolescents. Applicants must have completed their doctoral candidacy. Students may apply before having passed their qualifying exams, but proof of having advanced to doctoral candidacy will be required before funds are released. Students must be in good academic standing at a university in the United States or Canada. The home institution of the selected fellow must provide a tuition waiver. The application deadline is March 1. Visit the Esther Katz Rosen Fellowship for more information.

Upcoming APF deadlines

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For more information on APF's funding programs, visit APF or contact Parie Kadir at (202) 336-5984.