November 2011 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 42 No. 10

November 2011 Monitor on Psychology

Health reform 2.0

  • Health-care reform 2.0

    APA and psychologists across the country are working to ensure psychology’s place in the nation’s new health-care system.

Contingency management


Will behave for money

Contingency management — sometimes in the form of simply paying people to quit drugs or exercise more — is making the jump from smallscale studies to populationwide programs.

Dr. Gerard Gioia (credit: Lloyd Wolf)


Giving a heads up on concussion

Through legislative advocacy and his practice, Gerard Gioia is overturning misconceptions about concussion among student athletes.

Joe Palca


Annoying science

In a new book, NPR science correspondent — and psychologist by training — Joe Palca explores the science of what bugs us.

Aging, with grace


Aging, with grace

With the world’s population living longer than ever before, psychologists are facing new challenges and opportunities. Here’s an overview of the key trends.

Magic lantern


Multimedia 1890s

How the magic lantern came to America’s psychology classrooms and attracted students to the then-burgeoning field.

Psychologist suicide


Psychologist suicide

What we know and how we can prevent it.

Journey back to Heart Mountain

A new memorial honors Japanese Americans imprisoned during World War II.

Psychology is key to pain management

An Institute of Medicine report identifies pain as a major public health problem that will require physicians to team with psychologists to address its biological, psychological and social underpinnings.

ACT goes international

APA’s violence prevention program is expanding to Colombia, Greece, Puerto Rico and beyond.

Behavior change in 15-minute sessions?

Researchers are exploring promising new treatments to modify cognitive biases that underlie common mental health conditions.

Searching for meaning

Existential-humanistic psychologists hope to promote the idea that therapy can change not only minds but lives.

Inspiring young researchers

Psychology science fairs are on the rise — and a great way to nurture new talent.

Thank you!

APA honors longtime members

Help for at-risk moms

APF’s Pearson grantee is helping mothers with mental illness hone their parenting skills.

On Your Behalf


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

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