APA's Council of Representatives has proposed amendments to the association's bylaws that members will vote on this fall. The council also voted to send an explanatory statement and pro/con statements with the proposed amendments.

APA will send the ballot to the membership with the apportionment ballot on Nov. 1.

Below are the proposed bylaws amendments preceded by the explanatory statement; bracketed text is to be deleted and underlined text is to be added.

If approved, the bylaw changes, effective with the 2013 dues cycle, would:

  • Eliminate the dues step-down process.

  • Remove the criteria for eligibility for dues exemption from the bylaws, thereby giving the council the authority to approve the criteria for eligibility.

  • Add a minimal administrative fee ($25 for 2013) for those dues-exempt members who opt not to pay the publications fee (for continued receipt of the Monitor and American Psychologist). (The administrative fee would not be applied retroactively, i.e. members who have already achieved life status membership will not be subject to the administrative fee.)

The Council of Representatives voted (135 in favor/5 against/4 abstentions) to approve amendments to the Association Rules that would change the criteria for eligibility for becoming dues exempt to 69 years of age and 29 years of membership. If the bylaw changes are approved by the membership, the rule changes would become effective with the 2013 dues cycle.

Currently members who are turning 65 years of age during the dues year and have at least 25 years of APA membership are eligible to enter a five year (Year 5 – 0 dues) life status dues ramp-down schedule. If approved, beginning in 2013, members would become life status members at 69 years of age and 29 years of membership and the step down process will be eliminated. Both the age and years of membership requirements must be attained to be eligible for the life status membership category. Those members who have begun the dues step down process by 2012 would continue to remain in the process before becoming dues exempt in 2016.

Changes to Life Status/Dues Exempt Category


6. [Any Fellow, Member, or Associate member who has reached the age of sixty-five and has been a member of the Association for at least twenty-five years shall become eligible for a dues exemption reduction process, culminating in dues exemption.] There shall be a dues exempt category for those Fellows, Member and Associate members who reach eligibility requirements as set by Council. Such members shall retain all rights and privileges of membership in the Association except the privilege of receiving those publications of the Association ordinarily provided to its members as a membership benefit. In order to permit the receipt of such publications, however, an option to pay a reasonable subscription price/servicing fee for them shall be made available to dues-exempt members. (For purposes of this Subsection, membership in the American Association of Applied Psychology prior to its amalgamation with the American Psychological Association shall be counted.) Those dues exempt members opting not to pay the subscription price/servicing will be charged a minimal administrative fee as set by Council.