Candidates for APA President

Q1:  How will you integrate/reflect APA’s commitment to diversity in all of your presidential endeavors?

APA is committed to integrating diversity into the fabric of the association through its relevant governance groups. But by 2040, minorities will represent the majority of our population and by 2023, minority children will be the majority. Our profession is ill-prepared to serve these clients. As a presidential priority, I will convene a group of diverse psychologists whose goal is to develop plans to attract and train ethnically and culturally sophisticated practitioners and promulgate training curricula to meet this development. I would also seek to resolve the relationship of the National Ethnic Minority Associations to the Council of Representatives.

Q2: Specifically, where does education and training appear in any of your planned presidential initiatives?

My major presidential initiative focuses on military and their families. Many clinicians have minimal knowledge of the mental health issues unique to this population. I would encourage CE and other providers to develop workshops devoted to the research, clinical and ethical issues relevant to serving military personnel. Another undeveloped area is strengthening credentials of high school psychology teachers who prepare future APA members, particularly our potential scientists. I strongly support the Board of Educational Affairs Working Group on Certification & Training of HS Teachers of Psychology. Finally, it is essential that we seek to develop more pre- and postdoctoral internships.