March 2010 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 41 No. 3
March 2010 Monitor cover

On the Cover:
Rebounding from stroke

  • New help for stroke survivors

    Today’s generation of researchers is making stroke rehabilitation more effective, consumer-friendly and cutting-edge.

chimpanzee with stick


Tool talk

Psychologists are exploring why some animals can use tools — and why humans can use them so well.

Girl doing math


Woman on scale


Feeding the soul

Beth McGilley’s own struggles with anorexia have led her to a successful practice helping others with eating disorders.



Analyzing adolescence

Laurence Steinberg’s internationally recognized research is changing the way we think about teenagers.

Enemy plane


Spotting the enemy

The Training System for Aircraft and Ship Recognition designed by psychologist Samuel Renshaw saved untold lives during World War II.

Sad man


Selling work to the unemployed

Social marketing strategies could help those most at risk for staying jobless.

On-call scientists

A new initiative matches volunteer psychologists with human rights organizations that need their expertise.

Ending an epidemic

Millions of teens are in abusive relationships, and parents are often the last to know.

'This won't hurt a bit'

That common phrase belies a grim reality for children: Medical procedures do hurt. Here’s how psychologists are easing pediatric pain, whether acute or chronic.

Menopause, the makeover

Psychologists are helping women sidestep the stereotypes associated with menopause and transform this developmental passage into a vital new phase of life.

Mapping menopause

Emerging data are offering a more accurate understanding of this time of hormonal flux, but researchers need to learn more about how women of different ethnicities experience menopause.

Engaging the millennial learner

New research suggests that offering variety may be the best way to engage today's undergraduates.

A journal for violence research

Editor Sherry Hamby is building a home for research on the psychology of violence and aggression.

Protecting our work force

Joseph J. Hurrell Jr. seeks more interdisciplinary research on worker safety, health and well-being.

Haitian child


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

Quit smoking