February 2010 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 41 No. 2

February 2010 Monitor cover

Visual tricks

  • The scientist at the easel

    For centuries, artists have studied how human vision works. Scientists are now tapping into that wisdom and shedding light on masterpieces.

  • How artists see

    Painters may view scenes in a way that's similar to how the world really is: A mishmash of colors, lines and shapes.

Girl being teased


Map of Baghdad


The psychologist in Baghdad

James Angelos helps State Department employees perform their best in a war zone.

Glasses on textbook


Why did ‘nerd’ become a dirty word?

Psychologist David Anderegg wants to do away with America’s anti-intellectual labels.

Gender symbols


Overcoming 'sentimental rot'

One of the first female psychologists tried to bring gender research out of the dark ages.



Giving psychology away, one podcast at a time

Professors are podcasting to showcase psychology’s breadth and link research to everyday life.

Prescriptive authority in Indian County

To improve access to care for Native Americans, the Indian Health Service and two APA divisions are expanding RxP training.

Don't know much about history

Educators worry that the psych history course may become a thing of the past.

Heartfelt interventions

Psychologists are playing an increasing role in cardiac rehab, helping patients change harmful habits and embrace healthier ones. But these specialists are still in short supply.

Found in translation

With more foreign-born clients seeking psychological help, practitioners are relying on language interpreters to improve therapy. Here’s how to make these relationships successful.

A practical read

Mark Hilsenroth will work to bridge the gap between research and practice.

A big tent journal

Anne E. Kazak, the incoming editor of Health Psychology, will emphasize putting research into practice.

Now accepting single-site studies

A new editor broadens the jurisdiction of Psychology, Public Policy and Law.

U.S. Capitol building


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

Testifying microphones


Science heads for the Hill

Psychologists promote the importance of their research at a critical time in health-care reform.