For the first time in the association's 117-year history, its activities will be guided by a strategic plan adopted by council in August. The plan spells out goals and objectives for a three- to five-year time horizon.

"The development of APA's first strategic plan represents our opportunity to transform the APA into a more efficient and effective organization for the 21st century," APA President James H. Bray, PhD, told the council. "CEO Norman Anderson and the APA staff are to be commended for this effort. This is the beginning of our efforts at transformational change."

APA's strategic plan has three goals:

Goal 1: Maximize Organizational Effectiveness Objectives:

• Enhance APA programs, services and communications to increase member engagement and value.

• Ensure the ongoing financial health of the organization.

• Optimize APA's governance structure and function.

Goal 2: Expand Psychology's Role in Advancing Health Objectives:

• Advocate for the inclusion of access to psychological services in health-care reform policies.

• Create innovative tools to allow psychologists to enhance their knowledge of health promotion, disease prevention and management of chronic disease.

• Educate other health professionals and the public about psychology's role in health.

• Promote the application of psychological knowledge in diverse health-care settings.

• Promote psychology's role in decreasing health disparities.

• Promote the application of psychological knowledge for improving overall health and wellness at the individual, organizational and community levels.

Goal 3: Increase Recognition of Psychology as a Science Objectives:

• Enhance psychology's prominence as a core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) discipline.

• Improve public understanding of the scientific basis for psychology.

• Expand the translation of psychological science to evidence-based practice.

• Promote the applications of psychological science to daily living.

• Expand educational resources and opportunities in psychological science.