Going International: A Practical Guide for Psychologists


The goal of this guide is to provide an introductory guide for U.S. academics going outside the country for research and scholarship. It is written to fill the gap between general, country-level information typical of travel books or country websites, and specific details of the universities, cities or programs with which you may become involved.

Globe on a chess boardOne does not need to go far to learn about the latest international developments in psychology - information is available through websites, books, journals and social media. But no matter how much streaming video, listservs, and the internet may link psychologists across the planet, electronic connections offer just a taste of the multiple benefits one can experience through teaching, conducting research or serving as an advisor or consultant abroad.

In the next pages, you will find information about psychology in academic settings around the world. The goal is to suggest the kinds of questions you may need to explore to understand psychology and its local, historical, and cultural contexts in countries outside the U.S.

Beginning with general commentary about higher education around the world, the guide progresses to more specific information about psychology in academic settings. This is followed by pragmatically-oriented discussion of issues and questions to help you prepare for your trip, to make the trip transitions smoother, to maximize what you might achieve on your trip, and to expand on and share your experiences when you return.

With this guide, we seek to encourage you to become an aware, knowledgeable international colleague, and cultural ambassador for psychology.