Collaborate! Column (from Psychology International)

Volume 25, No. 2: June 2014 
Collaborate! A first encounter with India's efforts at developing the talent of its youth

Volume 25, No. 1: March 2014 
Global partnerships: Challenges and insights

Volume 24, No. 2: June 2013
Global Collaborations of a Social Psychologist

Volume 24, No. 1: March 2013
Multinational collaborations in culture and psychology

Volume 23, No. 4: December 2012
Working with faith-based organizations in Tanzania to promote youth development
PDF version (PDF, 613KB)

Volume 23, No. 3: October 2012
'Global-to-Local' Partnerships to Promote Children's Well-Being
PDF version (PDF, 409KB)

Volume 23, No. 2: June 2012
The Council of American Overseas Research Centers: Facilitating Scholarly Exchange Across the Globe
PDF version (315KB)

Volume 22, No. 4: December 2011
Soulaje Lespri Moun: Working with PTSD in Haiti
PDF version (717KB)

Volume 22, No. 1: April 2011
Coming to America: British Organizational Psychologist Wins Fulbright Award for Police Research (by Monica Mendiratta)
PDF version (320KB)

Volume 20, No. 5: November/December 2009
A Journey of International Academic Collaborations (by Ayse K. Uskul, PhD)
PDF version (641KB) (see page 6)

Volume 20, No. 4: September/October 2009
When "Exchange" Builds a Community (by Susan T. Fiske)
PDF version (506KB) (see page 5)

Volume 20, No. 3: July/August 2009
Partnering in International Research and Practice (by Michaela Hynie and Susan Opotow)
PDF version  (3.04MB) (see page 11)

Volume 20, No. 1: January/February 2009 
Collaborative Online Learning (by Anthony F. Lemieux, PhD and Abodlhossein Abdollahi, Phd)
PDF version (817KB) (see page 14)

Volume 19, No. 5: December 2008
The Rich Bounty of International Collaboration (by Jefferson A. Singer)
PDF version (826KB) (see page 10)

Volume 19, No. 4: October 2008
The Emerging Role for Data Visualization (by Pamela Ebert Flattau, PhD)
PDF version (698KB) (see page 10)

Volume 19, No. 3: August 2008
Building Collaborations to Work on Issues Related to Human Trafficking (by Oksana Yakushko, PhD)
PDF version (512KB) (see page 9)

Volume 19, No. 2: May 2008
The Developing and Deepening of International Collegial Relationships (Florence W. Kaslow, PhD, ABPP)
PDF version (621KB) (see page 14)

Volume 19, No. 1: January/February 2008
Collaboration in Sri Lanka (by Jeanne Marecek, PhD)
PDF version (982KB) (see page 11)

Volume 18, No. 5: November/December 2007
Research on Icelanders' Psychological Help Seeking Patterns (by Stefanía Ægisdóttir, PhD)
PDF version (634KB) (see page 10)

Volume 18, No. 3: May/June 2007
The Development of Children’s Understanding of Race in Guatemala (by Stephen Quintana, PhD)
PDF version (510KB) (see page 7)

Volume 18, No. 2: March/April 2007
Delegation to Vietnam & Cambodia (by Norine Johnson, PhD)
PDF version (457KB) (see page 5)

Volume 18, No. 1: February 2007
Research on Cultural Competence (PDF, 619KB) (see page 8)
(by Julia Shaftel, PhD, and Timothy Shaftel, PhD)

Volume 17, No. 4: December 2006
Forming a local group of international psychologists (PDF, 849KB) (see page 21)
(by Harold Takooshian and Richard S. Velayo)

Volume 17, No. 3: July-August 2006
Intimate Partner Violence and International Collaboration (PDF, 621KB) (see page 13)
(by Christauria Welland)

Volume 17, No. 1: January 2006
International Research 101: Increasing Opportunities (PDF, 794KB) (see page 1)
(by Mark M. Leach)

Volume 16, No. 2: Fall 2005
Research, Funding and Service Opportunities (PDF, 568KB) (see page 10)