Division 52 update

2013 highlights of Div. 52’s program and hospitality events at the 2013 APA Annual Convention

Div. 52 President McCormick highlights the division’s programming at the APA convention in Honolulu and invites international psychologists to attend and participate.

By Mercedes A. McCormick

International Psychology Division 52

Div. 52, APA's Division of International Psychology, is embarking on an exciting year of planning and implementing dynamic initiatives and programs to advance the field of international psychology. At the 2013 APA convention, Div. 52 will welcome its members, APA’s international affiliates and students, and other international psychologists to participate in the division’s convention programing and hospitality suite events. This networking opportunity will allow global psychologists to present their views on important issues in the field of international psychology.

Div. 52’s 2013 presidential theme is “Building Bridges with Psi Chi International and other partners with international psychology interests.” This theme is intertwined in the division’s programming and hospitality suite events, beginning on the convention’s opening day. Highlights from the program include:

  • Symposium: Bridging Science to Practice — International Data and Considerations in Conducting Research in Schools
    Wednesday, July 30, 8-9:50 a.m.
    Convention Center, Room 306B
  • Symposium: Crime Against Humanity — Gender Violence and Human Rights
    Wednesday, July 30, 11-11:50 a.m.
    Convention Center, Room 304B
  • Symposium: Building Bridges Between Div. 52 and Psi Chi to Promote Student Excellence and Leadership
    Thursday, Aug. 1, 8-8:50 a.m.
    Convention Center, Room 316C
    This symposium’s purpose is to advance the ideas and endeavors that were purported at the 2012 APA convention symposium “Building Bridges between Division 52 and Psi Chi International.”

Other important Div. 52 programs at the APA convention to be scheduled on your mobile phone planner are:

  • Div. 52 Presidential Address: Lessons Learned
    Speaker: Mercedes McCormick
    Friday, Aug. 2, 9-9:50 a.m.
    Hilton Hawaiian Village, 2nd Floor-Tapa Conference Center, Honolulu Suite I
  • Poster Session: Taking Psychology Global I
    Friday, Aug. 2, 1-1:50 p.m.
    Convention Center, Level 1, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall
  • Poster Session: Taking Psychology Global II
    Saturday, Aug. 3, 11-11:50 a.m.
    Convention Center, Level 1, Kamehameha Exhibit Hall

Div. 52's business meeting will be held on Aug. 3rd, and a conversation hour about preventing elder abuse internationally will occur on Aug. 4th. To view Div. 52’s full program, please visit the Online Convention Program and sort by Division/Group. Here you will find additional details about the sessions mentioned, as well as other APA programs co-sponsored by Div. 52.

Other symposia about key international issues and concerns will be scheduled in the hospitality suite program from Thursday, Aug. 3rd to Sunday, Aug. 4th. These sessions will cover: LGBT issues in Asia; Asian psychologists speaking about ethical issues; cultural competency in Micronesian populations; a global study of REBT/CBT; international collaborations through the Americas; guidelines for international accreditation for psychology programs; and mental illness treatment issues in East Asia and Pacific Islands.

The division’s hospitality suite will also host the Div. 52 Presidential Breakfast for members of the Asian Psychological Association/Professional Groups; a reception for graduate students and winners of the poster awards; and a breakfast reception honoring new fellows and Executive Committee board members in Div. 52.

Annually, the division plans an award ceremony as part of the hospitality suite program. This year, the following awards will be granted: the Henry David International Mentoring Award; Outstanding International Psychologist Awards (one is awarded to a U.S. psychologist and one is awarded to a psychologist outside the United States); the Early Career Professional Award; Ursula Gielen Global Psychology Book Award; the Florence L. Denmark/Mary E. Reuder Award in Recognition of Outstanding Contributions to the Psychology of Women and Gender; and Awards for Student International Research.

Also, the hospitality suite program will include presentations and conversation hours featuring psychologists from Egypt, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other countries in Asia and the South Pacific, as well as discussions about immigration, internationalizing the curriculum and Div. 52’s collaboration with Psi Chi the International Honor Society and with other APA divisions (namely, Div. 39 — Psychoanalysis). Other scheduled events will cover international mentoring, the International Committee for Women, the “Global Obama,”  Div. 52’s publication committee and the distribution of materials from Information Age Publishing — the publisher for Div. 52’s new book series.

In closing, Div. 52's convention and hospitality suite programming strongly reflects the division’s 2013 presidential themes of “Building Bridges with other organizations interested in international psychology, and to “motivate, engage and lead others” to promote and strengthen the field of international psychology through program planning, talking points discussions and opportunities for international networking. I look forward to connecting and meeting with you at one of Div. 52’s programing events.

Mercedes McCormick can be reached by  email. At this time, the location of the hospitality suite is unavailable. Please look for detailed information about the hospitality suite schedule on  Div. 52's website  as the convention approaches.