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A summary of recently published books relevant to international psychology

Reproductive Justice: A Global Concern

Edited by Joan C. Chrisler, PhD

Reproductive Justice: A Global Concern"Reproductive justice" is a relatively new term that underscores the fact that the existence of reproductive rights does not mean that women are able to exercise those rights. For women unable to exercise their rights for any number of reasons.a lack of available services where they live, lack of money or health insurance to pay for services, being forbidden by family members to seek services.the reality is they have no choices to make and possess little if any control over their own bodies, regardless of what the government states as their rights.

"Reproductive Justice: A Global Concern" examines the status of reproductive rights for the world's women, covering a wide range of reproductive rights issues. Topics include women's rights to determine their own sexuality and choose their own partners, rape, sex trafficking, fertility treatments and other assisted reproductive technologies, contraception and abortion, maternal and infant mortality, postpartum support and breastfeeding.
~ Joan C. Chrisler, PhD, is a Professor of Psychology at Connecticut College, New London, CT, where she teaches courses on health psychology and the psychology of women.

Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century

Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century"Crossroads: The Psychology of Immigration in the New Century," a report of the 2011 Presidential Task Force on Immigration, was recently published by APA. The Task Force, initiated by 2011 APA President Melba Vasquez, was charged with developing an evidence-based report that addresses the psychological factors related to the experience of immigration, with particular attention to the mental and behavioral health needs of immigrants across the life span, and the effects of acculturation, prejudice/discrimination and immigration policy on individuals, families and society.

The goals of the report are to: Raise awareness about the increasing immigrant population in the United States; derive evidence-informed recommendations for the provision of mental health services to immigrants; and make recommendations to improved education, research, practice and policy affecting immigrants of all ages and backgrounds. Access the executive summary of the report online. To access the full report, visit the APA website.

Handbook of Ethnic Conflict: International Perspectives

Edited by Dan Landis, PhD, and Rosita D. Albert, PhD

Handbook of Ethnic Conflict: International Perspectives"Ethnic conflicts are world-wide phenomena producing discrimination, violence, and at times, unspeakable atrocities. Two thirds of international conflicts today are ethnopolitical conflicts. Some are long-entrenched disputes dating back centuries. Others are the by-products of recent trends in immigration or politics. The "Handbook of Ethnic Conflict" examines the social, psychological, historical and political underpinnings of these conflicts, particularly the ethnic, cultural, religious and national identities that feed ingroup/outgroup antagonistic perceptions and fuel cycles of aggression. It covers leading theories and models of interethnic conflict and provides in-depth analyses of twenty conflicts as diverse as those in Croatia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, France, Israel and New Zealand. It examines phenomena that have not received the attention they deserve, such as the obstacles presented by differing accounts of the origins and dynamics of given conflict. In each case, and in the book's concluding chapter, contributors suggest creative responses to ethnic friction utilizing innovative intercultural approaches, conflict management approaches, and peace-building strategies."
~ From the back cover. Dan Landis is the 2012 co-recipient of the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology.