Mission Statement

The mission of APA's Committee on International Relations in Psychology is to foster interactions of all kinds between psychologists in the U.S. and their colleagues abroad, to promote an international perspective within psychology, to promote the role of psychology within international program, policy and educational settings, and to monitor the rights of psychologists and the use of psychological knowledge internationally. CIRP accomplishes this mission through a variety of programs and activities.

CIRP is also responsible for naming the annual recipient of the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Advancement of Psychology, oversees nominations for the International Humanitarian Award and oversees the activities of the APA NGO representation to the United Nations.

CIRP's current strategic plan (GOALS) supports APA's strategic objectives to expand psychology's role in improving health and the promotion and development of psychology as a science in the global world of the 21st century. GOALS supports the association's aspiration to excel as a principal leader and global partner promoting psychological knowledge and methods to facilitate the resolution of personal, societal and global challenges in diverse, multicultural and international contexts.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2015 Chair: Rehman Abdulrehman, PhD (2014-16)

  • Gonzalo Bacigalupe, EdD, MPH (2015-17)

  • Silvia S. Canetto, PhD (2013-15)

  • Amanda Clinton, PhD (2015-17)

  • Melissa Morgan Consoli (2014-16)

  • Chryse G. Hatzichristou, PhD (2013-15) 

  • Arpana G. Inman, PhD (2014-16) 

  • Lori Foster Thompson, PhD (2013-15) 

  • Danny Wedding, PhD (2015-17)

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