Serious mental illness

Most people with serious mental illness aren’t dangerous. How can you help someone you suspect is? 

Sudden and extreme changes in appearance, personality or behavior can mean trouble. Try to steer the person to a mental health service provider. Or alert others who can help, such as school counselors, clergy members or community mental health providers. If the person’s behavior is so extreme it’s frightening, the police can take him or her to an emergency room for assessment and treatment, even if the person doesn’t want to go. 

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  • Change your mind about mental health 
    It is not uncommon for teenagers to develop problems with their mental health. National statistics indicate that one in every five teens has some type of mental health problem in any given year. The problems range from mild to severe.

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  • It takes a community 
    School psychologists are linking parents with community resources to head off mental illness in children and adolescents.

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