March 2012 | Vol. 10 No. 2

gradPSYCH March 2012

COVER PACKAGE: Internship match: Solutions and scams

  • What's behind the internship match crisis?

    Some argue that a handful of programs that churn out underprepared students have spurred the psychology internship shortfall, while others say the problem is more systemic.

  • Potential solutions

    Five possibilites to fix the internship imbalance from APA and APAGS.

  • Steps to the match

    Laying the groundwork to land an internship starts on day one of your program.

Map and compass


Chart your own adventure

To succeed in today's economy, psychologists must seek new skills and find new ways to use their expertise.

Hundreds of fishermen lost their livelihoods as a result of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill


The oil spill's reverberations

The Mississippi coast has suffered financial devastation, depression, anxiety and even post-traumatic stress disorder from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

A student of synchrony

Alexandra Paxton, psychology graduate student, is investigating how conflict affects people's tendency to unconsciously coordinate their movements, thoughts and language patterns.

app icons


Killer apps

These seven programs use mobile technology to make life a little easier for grad students.

Literature reviews made easy

Turn that jumble of notes and ideas into a well-organized draft by getting organized, staying focused, setting a schedule, seeking feedback, and finding your voice.

Absentee advisers

Tips on how to get the attention you need if your academic adviser is unavailable.

The Latest

  • Better lighting, better work

    Jennifer Veitch, senior research officer at at the National Research Council of Canada, investigates how indoor lighting affects employee well-being and productivity, and how employee behaviors affect the use of resources and energy.

  • Psychology practicums reflect the field's growth

    Schools are expanding the practicum from covering supervised direct services to clients, to also include advocacy, administration and more.

  • How evidence-based is your trauma treatment?

    Psychologists who plan to work with children should pursue training in empirically supported trauma treatments because they can address a variety of internalizing symptoms, behavior problems and parental stress.

  • Media picks: David Buss, PhD

    David Buss' favorite films cover the same territory he studies in his lab, evolutionary psychology.