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Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Psychologist when You Were a Kid?

Rebecca Pfleiderer: "Yes, I have, ever since watching ‘Growing Pains's'' Dr. Seever, although now I am a different breed (I/O)."

April Krowel: "I wanted to be a lawyer, then an actress. I decided on psychology after one class with an amazing professor."

Amanda Klawiter: "If it wasn't psychology, it would have been astrophysics. I'm a science nerd, period!"

David Neale-Lorello: "I wanted to play viola in the Berlin Philharmonic."

Colin Futrelle: "I wanted to be a hockey player."

Keith Milstead: "I knew I was going to be a psychologist or a client, not sure which. Still don't know."

John Otis: "I wanted to be a pilot, then a counselor, then a cognitive psychologist. Now that I'm in grad school for cognitive psychology, I want to be a pilot again."

Pigeon Dance Wins Prize

Ever get tired of explaining your dissertation research? Try expressing it through dance instead.

That's what Queen's University neuroscience student Emma Ware, PhD, did, and it garnered her a $500 prize through Science magazine's annual "Dance Your PhD" contest. The contest invites students from physics, chemistry, biology and the social sciences to submit videos that express their dissertations through movement. Ware won the social science division with a six-minute, black-and-white video featuring two bird-masked dancers demonstrating how Ware altered female pigeons' responses to male pigeons' romantic advances.

The video's choreography — a combination of hip-hop and modern dance — illustrates Ware's finding that male pigeons don't simply execute a series of mating movements. Rather, they carefully adjust their dances depending on the females' reactions. "The dance is much easier to understand than when I explain my dissertation in words," she says. "Now when people ask me about it, I simply direct them to the video."

Ware, who has taken dance lessons on and off since age 12, is finished with psychology research for now. She successfully defended her dissertation last spring, and hopes to go to medical school in the fall.