This year, the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers changed the process for applicants who don't match with internship positions. In previous years, APPIC posted a list of unfilled positions, which were filled very quickly — often before a student even had a chance to apply.

This year, students had about six days to apply to unfilled internship spots. Then, applicants and internship programs submitted new rank order lists and a second match was conducted.

"The clearinghouse has served a valuable role for many years but was increasingly hard to deal with," says APPIC Board of Directors Chair Sharon Berry, PhD. In creating Phase II of the match, "our goal was to slow down the process, calm the waters, and allow for better decision-making by all involved."

For those who still didn't match after the second phase, APPIC is hosting a post-match vacancy service that announces positions that come up later. "There are some positions that appear here and there in the spring and in the summer," says match coordinator Greg Keilin, PhD. "Don't give up."

—M. Phillips