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Sound off: What does your family think of your decision to become a psychologist? 

Stephen Sell (Chestnut Hill College): "Some think it is admirable and encourage me. I think others are uncomfortable with it and fear I will scrutinize them."

Keith Milstead (Walden University): "They think: ‘Will you ever finish school so you can begin your career?'"

Jennifer Grimes (University of Central Florida): "They love the career choice. But taking me seriously as a professional may never happen because I'll never stop being ‘just' me. So my professional opinion doesn't count."

Yanet Collazo (Florida International University): "Although at the beginning my family was not happy with my career choice, they are more accepting now. In fact, they often come to me for questions about different psychological disorders and how to cope with stresses in everyday life. It feels gratifying to know I have their support."

Amy K. Sanders (Penn State University): "They are learning about all the misconceptions and opportunities of psychology. It takes a while, but they are understanding more and more every time I share my lessons with them. I think they are especially impressed when I explain statistics and cutting-edge research."

Gretchen Robinson (Lindsey Wilson College): "My family is very supportive; they just wish I could get through school faster."

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