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Which programs are LGBT-friendly?

The APAGS Committee on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Concerns has developed a free guide (PDF, 229KB) to help students determine the extent to which a training program, university or other academic organization is LGBT-friendly.

The APAGS Climate Guide for LGBT and Allied Students and Professionals provides sample questions on seven different topical areas that students should consider when deciding to attend an institution or work at a site, including organizational track record, culture and systems, structure and external environment. This tool provides a worksheet that students can use to make comparisons across programs.

Recognize an outstanding APA division

Is there an APA division that you'd like to recognize? If so, nominate it for the APAGS Outstanding APA Division Award, which provides $1,500 to a division that promotes graduate student development, involvement and joint APAGS and division membership.

Divisions considered for the award must have an active doctoral student membership, must require student affiliates to be members of APA/APAGS and must have a student representative who is a member of the APAGS Division Student Representatives Network.

Send all application materials to the APAGS office at the APA address by May 13.

Nominate your outstanding psychological association

APAGS encourages students to nominate a state, provincial or territorial psychological association (SPTA) that has demonstrated excellence in promoting graduate student development and joint membership in APAGS and an SPTA. The winning association will receive a $1,500 award. APAGS presents the Outstanding SPTA of the Year Award in conjunction with the Committee for the Advancement of Professional Practice and Div. 31 (State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Association Affairs). The Maryland Psychological Association received the award in 2010. Nominate a deserving association by Jan. 10.

Apply for a family or couples dynamics grant

The American Psychological Foundation encourages students who research family or couples dynamics, or multigenerational processes, to apply for the $6,000 Randy Gerson Memorial Grant. The grant supports research in theory, assessment or clinical practice in these fields. Apply by Feb. 1.

Apply for the Wayne F. Placek Grant

Does your research help increase the public's understanding of homosexuality or aim to alleviate the stress that gay men and lesbians experience? APF's Wayne F. Placek Grants help support this research by providing two $15,000 grants each year. Apply by March 1.

APF offers $25,000 for work in the psychological understanding of gifted and talented children

APF offers up to three Esther Katz Rosen Fellowships each year to support graduate student activities related to the psychological understanding of gifted and talented children and adolescents. Apply by March 1.

For more information about APF's funding programs, contact Kimberly Rowsome at (202) 336-5622.

APF gives awards to promising neuroscience students

APF awarded $2,500 Benton Meier Neuropsychology Scholarships to Amanda Rabinowitz and Laura Zahodne to help fund their research.

Rabinowitz, a doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University, will use her scholarship to improve testing measures for concussed college athletes. Her project will expand the understanding of motivational influences on cognitive performance to account for the increase in an athlete's motivation to perform well following an injury, a factor that can lead to inaccurate measurements when judging an athlete's ability to return to play.

Zahodne, a doctoral student at the University of Florida, will use the scholarship to improve the understanding of Parkinson's disease depression by studying the prominence of three main depression components: apathy, anhedonia (the inability to experience joy) and negative affect. This research will help develop more effective treatments for Parkinson's disease depression, including both psychotherapeutic and pharmacologic interventions.

—J. Clark