January 2010 | gradPSYCH

Vol. 8 No. 1
January 2010 gradPSYCH Magazine cover

On the Cover: Grow your own postdoc

Photographer:  Steve Hay


Play time

Developmental psychology student Nate Tatro's theater habit and work with children have given him special insight into his studies—and vice versa.

Student daydreaming in field


Procrastination or 'intentional delay'?

Procrastination hinders many graduate students, but sometimes delaying work to plan ahead or take a break can be beneficial.

Just do itThe top 15 procrastination rationalizationsHow to avoid interview missteps

The dos and don'ts of internship interviews.

Moving up, the smart way

You're in a psychology master's program and you've decided to go for a doctorate. Here's how to make the transition a success.

Funding statsTwo birds, one stone

Make your coursework work for you by turning class assignments into dissertation and career stepping stones.

Sharing your stuff

Depressed? Getting divorced? Life happens, and it can get in the way of your graduate studies. Students and professors weigh in on when and how to tell your adviser or supervisor.

Four reasons to disclose

It can be scary or embarrassing revealing difficult personal information to your supervisor, but here are some reasons why it's a wise move.

Fitting in fitness

More research shows that exercise boosts cognitive function and alleviates stress. Here's how busy graduate students can find the time to get moving.

Snacking for success