Curriculum & Teaching

Careful design of the undergraduate curriculum and regular assessment are key components for faculty and departments to foster quality undergraduate education in psychology.

Science in Action

Subfields of psychology:

  • Understanding the science of each branch.

  • See examples of application and careers.

Developing Curricula


  • Assessment CyberGuide: How to design the most appropriate and effective assessment plans for your psychology department.

  • Building better psych departments: Assess your programs by examining eight broad educational dimensions, including curriculum and administrative support.

Improving Undergrad Education of Psychology

  • Are There Too Many Psychology Majors? (PDF, 696KB): White paper by Jane S. Halonen, PhD, discusses the popularity, utility and rigor of the psychology major; and addresses concern about psychology as a discipline.

  • Strengthening the Common Core of the Introductory Psychology Course (PDF, 221KB): An APA working group argues for five major recommendations to enhance the teaching of introductory psychology. (Note: APA reports synthesize current psychological knowledge in a given area and may offer recommendations for future action. They do not constitute APA policy or commit APA to the activities described therein. This particular report originated with the APA Board of Educational Affairs.)

Outreach and Support for Teachers