Classroom Behavior

Disruptions such as bullying and violence against teachers can make it difficult to teach effectively. Psychological science and research can provide solutions for schools and teachers to promote a positive atmosphere.

Classroom Management

Instructional videos:

  • Learn practical classroom management, including class-wide and individual strategies.
  • Address emotional and behavioral problems causing classroom disruptions.

Classroom Discipline

Prevent and cope with problems:

  • Recommendations to develop positive behavior support to prevent disruptive behavior.
  • Understand social and emotional learning to help students build life skills and social competence.

Bullying and Violence

  • Bullying Module: do's and don'ts for interventions; myths about bullies and victims; FAQs and more.

  • Violence against teachers: Information to help K-12 teachers to cope with and prevent the occurrence and threat of violent incidents in their classrooms.

  • Warning signs of youth violence: How to recognize danger signs and keep anger from escalating out of control.

  • Zero tolerance: APA task force report finds that these policies may not be successful and may negatively affect the relationship of education with juvenile justice.

Early Learning

Teen Development