Postdoctoral Fellowships

Supervised postdoctoral experience is often required for a license to practice, and an opportunity for additional experience. Students looking for a postdoc can apply using the new APPIC matching process.

Research Postdocs

For those planning to seek a research university faculty position, having a postdoctoral research or fellowship experience is helpful, if not required, and postdoctoral teaching appointments can enhance one's competencies as a faculty person.

About Research Fellowships

Doing Postdoctoral Work — Should I?
Postdoctoral experiences give a little more research experience in order to land the ideal job.

Pursuing the Perfect Research Postdoc
To find a postdoctoral fellowship that will advance your career, personal connections and persistent questioning are key.

Postdocs: Striving for Success in a Tough Economy 
Despite tighter budgets, the attributes of a successful postdoc experience have not changed.

Practice Postdocs

Seeking a license to practice psychology? Most jurisdictions require at least one year of supervised postdoctoral experience; the postdoc is also a chance to obtain highly specialized training, preparing some to seek specialty credentialing.

About Postdoctoral Supervision

The skinny on the postdoc
When to get started, how to get one and how to make the most out of it.

Grow your own postdoc
Cultivate a training program that will help your career bloom.

Unintended consequences
Unforseen consequences of APA's policy recommending eliminating the postdoc requirement for licensure.

Get it in writing
Sign an agreement with your supervisor to ensure you get the experience you need.