Mentoring and Self-Care

Balancing the demands of work and life make you healthier, happier and a better student or psychologist. Getting enough sleep, exercising, eating right and taking breaks can make your work and school time more productive.

Getting Guidance

Building mentorships for success

Mentors can provide the support and guidance you need to achieve your academic and career goals.

Self-care & Success

Sound body, strong researcher

Start with self-care, and the rest will come, a mentor advises his students.

Handle Stress

Handling stress 

Self-care is not just for emergencies: Learn how to combat the effects of impact stress on the body that psychology graduate students face.

  • Who cares? You should! Allowing time for self-care-in spite of looming deadlines and other responsibilities-creates balance and fosters success.

  • Survival of the fittest: Experts offer students diet, exercise and other tips to improve their self-care.


Find Balance


Mentors & Mentees

Mentor and mentee discussion
Introduction to Mentoring (PDF, 334KB): A guide for prospective mentors and mentees who are interested in engaging in professional developmental relationships from the Centering on Mentoring Task Force.


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Mentoring Programs & Awards