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Look beyond academia and research — corporations, nonprofits and the military are all new areas of opportunity for psychology graduates. But if your heart is set on academia, non-tenure-track and part-time positions may be part of the route to a tenure-track job. In some cases, they may even be the ideal academic position. So beef up your resume, get published and be flexible in today’s changing academic landscape.

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The Compleat Academic: A Career Guide, Second Edition
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Career Information From APA

  • PsycCareers
  • Preparing Future Faculty
    This program is part of a national initiative to address future needs of the American professoriate with disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.
  • Surviving and Thriving in Academia
    This survival guide to academia is designed to address changes that have taken place which may dramatically affect the level of success of women and ethnic minorities pursuing careers in academic environments.
  • Variations on the Theme of Academic Careers: The Non-tenure Track Position
    Learning how to secure a non-tenure track position is becoming increasingly important because the largest increase in university faculty positions in recent years has been in the category of full-time, non-tenure track positions.