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This Clinician's Research Digest (CRD) Independent Study program is based on the Clinician's Research Digest Newsletter, an APA monthly publication. The CRD program consists of 4 quarterly exams. The exams can only be purchased as a set; they are not sold separately. The distribution of each exam is as follows:

1st quarter exam is based on issues:
Jan-Mar (available mid Apr)

2nd quarter exam is based on issues:
Apr-June (available mid July)

3rd quarter exam is based on issues:
July-Sept (available mid Oct)

4th quarter exam is based on issues:
Oct-Dec (available late Dec)

Upon successful completion (75% or better on each quarterly exam) of ALL FOUR exams you will receive Documentation of Credit totaling 15 CE hours (no partial credit is awarded).

More Information on the Newsletter


How to purchase and submit the exams:

  • To order the CRD Independent Study program please call 1-800-374-2721, x5510. Please note tests are distributed upon availability.

  • Hardcopy exam will be mailed to the address provided during the ordering process.

  • Once you completed the exam, mail the answer sheet and evaluation form (4th quarter only) to APA Office of CEP.

  • Upon successful completion (75% or higher), you will receive your Documentation of CE Credit by mail within 15 business days from the day we receive the exam in our office.

  • The certificate will be dated the day the exam is received.

  • Individuals are required to meet a passing score of 75% of higher.  Individuals are allowed two attempts to successfully complete the program.

How to purchase
Member Nonmember

Item # for Current Year: 108000A-108000D

$225 $300
(Note: Orders for current year MUST be placed on or after January 17 of each New Year.)
Member Nonmember

Item # Past Year: 108000E-108000H

$225 $300

NOTE: Price does not include subscription fee for the 12 issues of the CRD. See "More Information on the Newsletter" link above. 

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