Therapist Use of Client Strengths: A Qualitative Study of Positive Processes

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This article presents a study that aimed to identify the positive processes thought to regularly occur in mainstream therapy by interviewing therapists with a range of experience, and to identify and understand the current methods employed in practice. Interviews produced statements leading to five themes identified in the article which were recommended as a taxonomy of positive processes for future research.          
Learning Objectives
  • Comprehend the impetus for the investigation of strength-based methods.
  • Identify the five themes used to examine current use of strength-based methods in practice.
  • Comprehend the taxonomy of strength-oriented processes in therapy.
  • Identify areas for future examinations of strength-oriented therapeutic practice.         
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Michael J. Scheel, PhD, ABPP, Department of Educational Psychology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Chelsi Klentz Davis, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Justin D. Henderson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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