Balancing Multicultural Competence with Social Justice: Feminist Beliefs and Optimal Psychological Functioning

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This article identifies feminist beliefs and examines their relationship with 13 factors of well-being, with liberation, interpersonal and societal levels of analysis. The authors assert that the feminist beliefs a woman holds are associated with her overall psychological functioning and provide guidance for the roles counseling psychologists adopt in service of multicultural competence and social justice.
Learning Objectives
  • Identify the configurations of feminist beliefs a woman holds and their relationship to factors of psychological functioning.
  • Describe the relationship of feminist beliefs to personal empowerment and entitlement.
  • Explain the practice and training implications for counseling psychologists and psychotherapists.     
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Janice D. Yoder, PhD, is a professor of psychology at The University of Akron.

Andrea F. Snell, PhD, is an associate professor at The University of Akron.

Ann Tobias, is an undergraduate student at The University of Akron.


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