Continuing Education Committee (CEC) 2011 Annual Report

CEC members: Bruce Thyer, PhD; Robert Gresen, PhD; Erica White, PhD; Elizabeth Sparks, PhD; Dave Barnum, PhD; Stephen Cook, PhD; Sharon Tettegah, PhD; Patricia Zapf, PhD; Michele Karel, PhD; Susan Simonian, PhD; Lorraine Eyde, PhD (Partial attendance); Denise Maricle, PhD; Diane Willis, PhD (Partial attendance)

Staff Liaison: Arlette Tongue

Susan Simonian, PhD served as the Chair for 2011, and Evie Garcia, PhD served as Vice Chair. At the October 2011 meeting, the Committee selected Dr. Garcia to serve as Chair for 2011. Sharon Tettegah, PhD will serve as Vice Chair.

During 2011, the Continuing Education Committee reviewed a total of 301 applications from organizations seeking approval as sponsors of continuing education for psychologists. Of these, 194 applications were approved and 48 were new applicants. As of December 2011, approximately 782 organizations were listed as APA-approved sponsors of continuing education for psychologists

The Committee had a full-day policy retreat at its April 2011 meeting. The retreat focused on review of the:

  • American Psychological Association Continuing Education Sponsor Approval System Policies and Procedures
  • Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists Application
  • Standards and Criteria for Approval of Sponsors of Continuing Education for Psychologists
  • Outreach and research activities through the Continuing Education Committee

The Committee continues to engage in outreach activities to promote understanding of its policies and procedures. The Committee is interested in offering programs like the 1st Annual Conference for CE Sponsors, a day-long event held at APA Convention in San Diego. Content included: promotion and advertising, competency, assessment and evaluation, professional development, and distant learning.

The Committee maintains two subcommittees to focus on ways in which data on continuing education could be gathered and disseminated and done on an ongoing basis. The outreach subcommittee works with staff to disseminate information via tips, website, and FAQs. The research subcommittee looks at information from the application and the activity survey of approved sponsors and to develop an annual survey on continuing education for psychologists.

Meeting Attendance: The Continuing Education Committee chair attended the Education Leadership Conference held September 2011 in Washington, D.C. In addition, the chair was invited to participate in a working group formed by the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards that was held in Georgia in July and focused on the topic of maintenance of competence and lifelong learning. 

Continuing Education in Psychology Activities at the 2011 APA Convention

The Continuing Education Committee reviewed 160 workshop proposals and, of these, 64 workshops (including eight preconvention workshops) were presented at the 2011 convention in Washington, D.C. A total of 1162 individuals enrolled in these workshops. Evaluation data from workshop participants continue to reflect a high level of satisfaction with the quality of value of these programs.

210 general convention sessions were offered for CE credit at the 2011 Annual Convention. A new fee structure was implemented — one fee for unlimited CE credits. Approximately 1,800 individuals received CE credit for their attendance at one or more CE Sessions. It is anticipated that 250 CE sessions will offered at the 2012 convention.

Office of CE Sponsor Approval

The Office of CE Sponsor Approval was created by APA to facilitate psychologists’ access to CE programs. It is the function of this office to oversee the process of organizations seeking to become APA-approved sponsors and offer CE to psychologists.