About CE Sponsor Approval

The CE sponsor approval was created by APA to facilitate psychologists’ access to CE programs. It is the function of this office to oversee the process of organizations seeking to become APA-approved sponsors and offer continuing education to psychologists. The APA CE Sponsor Approval (CESA) and the APA Continuing Education Committee work together to establish, implement and regulate standards and policies. CESA ensures that the highest level of quality is maintained in program planning, management and delivery.

Activity Summary Form

The activity summary form (PDF, 20KB) is sent at the same time as the annual fee invoice in years in which a renewal application is not due. The activity summary form lists all activities offered by the sponsor in the previous year and must include a promotional piece for each corresponding program. Sponsors who have not offered any programs are still required to return the form. Failure to submit an activity summary form will result in probation and, ultimately, in termination of approval.

Homestudy Application

If you offer or plan to offer homestudy programs and did not complete the homestudy information in the original application, you must submit a homestudy application to the CE Sponsor Approval for review. There is a $100 application fee that must be submitted with your homestudy application in order for it to be reviewed. There is no deadline for this application.