Center for Psychology in Schools and Education

Programs and Services

Curricular Resources

Teachers' Modules
The psychological science behind ten areas of teacher practice was identified and developed a series of 10 online modules for outlining strategies for teachers.

Multiple Methods

Multiple Social Science Research Methods in Education Research
A chart and accompanying narrative on the use of multiple methods in explorations of social interventions. Primarily aimed at researchers, this chart and guide are also useful for anyone working in the education policy field.

Brochures for Teachers

The Spouses/Partners of New Teachers brochure (PDF, 1.42MB) provides information and strategies for those not in the education field on how best to support their loved one during the first few years in their new career.


The Violence Against Teachers brochure (PDF, 64KB) provides classroom teachers with information to increase awareness of the steps they can and should take to prevent violent incidents and how to respond when they do occur.