The Other 3 Rs: Reasoning, Resilience and Responsibility
A 2-year pilot study funded by the James S. McDonnell Foundation

Project goals

Goal and background

The compelling question among educators today is how to enhance teaching and student learning in order to increase academic achievement. Many solutions are being offered to respond to this question in schools throughout the nation. Committed to science-based answers, the American Psychological Association applied for and received a grant from the McDonnell Foundation to organize a collaborative to investigate the effect of learning the Other 3 Rs on student academic achievement and life skills. The goal of the pilot project conducted with Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools was to examine not only whether teaching the skills of reasoning, resilience and responsibility had an impact on student learning and efficacy, but on teacher self-efficacy as well.

Why the Other 3 Rs?

Recent research points to the importance of life skills or character education in enhancing teaching and student learning. This focus rests on the notion that a student's success in academics is augmented by strong problem solving skills.

Experts have identified reasoning, resilience and responsibility as key problem solving skills that, when learned, can benefit student achievement and general life success strategies. The prevailing view among scientists is that teachers can teach these skills and students can learn them.

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