TOPSS Minority Recruiting Recommendations


The Minority Recruiting Recommendations help teachers expose minority high school students to career options in psychology and to encourage and motivate these students to consider pursuing psychology as a career.

This was initially a joint venture with TOPSS, the APA Membership Committee, the APA Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs and PT@CC. The initial project was designed to introduce ethnic minority high school students to successful two- and four-year minority college students, graduates, faculty and other local psychologists who can serve as role models and mentors. Pilot projects where these minority role models presented educational sessions to high school students were successful and serve as excellent examples of what can be done in various communities. 

Although the original project focused on ethnic minority students, all students — regardless of race/ethnicity, gender identity and expression, ability/disability, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, national origin and religion — should be encouraged and motived to consider pursuing psychology as a career. 

Teachers are encouraged to contact TOPSS if they have done anything in their schools to promote local minority outreach.


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