Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP)


The Commission:

  • Facilitates the development, implementation and review of effective and coordinated policies and procedures to improve quality and process in recognition of specialties and proficiencies in professional psychology;

  • Reviews petitions from organizations requesting the Association's recognition of a professional specialty or proficiency;

  • Establishes mechanisms for the periodic evaluation and renewal of such recognition; and

  • Makes recommendations regarding consistency in the use of the terms “specialty” and “proficiency” by the Association.

Subject to review by the Board of Directors, the Commission has the authority to adopt procedures for reviewing specialty and proficiency petitions. The Commission may make proposals to the Council of Representatives regarding:

  • The principles that define specialties and proficiencies and the criteria for their recognition; and

  • The processes by which the Association confers and maintains its recognition of specialties and proficiencies.

The Commission reports to the Council of Representatives through the Board of Directors.

Staff Liaison

Antoinette Minniti, PhD (email)


  • 2015 Chair:  Stephen D. Rosenthal (2014-17)

  • Kevin D. Arnold, PhD, ABPP (2013-15)

  • Mark W. Bondi, PhD, ABPP/CN (2013-15)

  • Thomas Kubiszyn, PhD (2013-15)

  • Jeffery S. Mio, PhD (2014-16)

  • Elizabeth A. Mulligan, PhD, ABPP (2015-17)

  • Roberta Nutt, PhD, ABPP (2014-16)

  • Ronald S. Palomares, PhD (2015-17)

  • Steven M. Tovian, PhD, ABPP (2014-16)


CRSPPP on the Affordable Care Act
Ethical Practice and Implications of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act for Specialties and Proficiencies (PDF, 5.7MB) presented by The Commission for the Recognition of Specialties and Proficiencies in Professional Psychology (CRSPPP).
Taxonomy for Professional Psychology

The purpose of the Education and Training Guidelines: A Taxonomy for Education and Training in Professional Psychology Health Services Specialties (PDF, 159KB) (adopted as APA policy in 2012) is to provide a consistent set of terms and definitions related to education and training in APA recognized specialties in health service psychology. The guidelines also provide a structure for the use of these terms within the education and training sequences for each of these approved specialties. The overarching goals of these guidelines are to facilitate clear and consistent communication in the use of terminology for training programs, students, professional organizations and members of the public.

Recognition of Organizations that Provide Certifications

Organizations that provide certifications in APA-recognized specialties and proficiencies may apply to be recognized by APA so that individuals with a certification from the organization can have that credential listed in the APA membership directory.

Additional Information

  • History
    Until recent years, recognition of specialties in professional psychology was done on a de facto basis. APA thereby established CRSPPP as its organizational agent to implement the recognition of specialties and proficiencies in professional psychology.

  • Recognition for Specialties and Proficiencies
    These procedures describe the process by which APA and CRSPPP will consider petitions for initial and renewed recognition of specialties and proficiencies in professional psychology.

  • Recognized Specialties and Proficiencies
    Public descriptions of recognized specialties and proficiencies.

Annual Reports