Reports and Publications

The documents and websites in this section feature reports and publications that impact the area of graduate education in psychology.

Academic Policy Documents

Colleges, universities and professional schools have their own framework of academic policies from which to operate. Graduate students and faculty of the disciplines are guided by those policies at the institutions in which they are engaged. There are umbrella policies related to higher education, however, that serve as a guide to academic institutions and their faculties. These are developed by national higher education organizations, two of which have policies of particular relevance to students and faculty of graduate education, namely the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS). AAUP is an individual membership association open to faculty and graduate students, while CGS is an organization of graduate deans.

Professional Policy Documents

In regard to policies related to professional education and credentialing issues in psychology, several national organizations in addition to the American Psychological Association have policies with which students and faculty of professional programs might want to be familiar. The other organizations include, though are not necessarily limited to, the following:

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Education and Training Resources
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Psychological Association Conferences
Visit this website for listings of regional psychological association conferences, and conferences supported by the APA and other higher education associations that focus on the scholarship of teaching.