A Practical Guidebook for the Competency Benchmarks

Introduction to the guidebook

This guidebook focuses on the Benchmarks Model and its application in professional psychology training programs. It is intended to complement the brief practical introduction offered on the main page of the Benchmarks Evaluation System. The first section of the guidebook introduces the benchmarks model, and discusses how graduate or internship programs can move quickly to adapt the rating system to its current training goals. This section also discusses some of the issues that programs have encountered in implementing the rating forms, as well as offering some suggestions about sharing competence evaluations with students, and creating remediation plans for students who do not reach required levels of competence. A separate evaluation form dealing with the relationship competency is also described. The second section discusses how a more thorough implementation of the competency-based approach to education and training can be understood and implemented. The second section of the guidebook discusses issues involved in the full realization of a culture of competence in graduate education and training.

The guidebook was compiled by a work group, whose work was sponsored by a grant from the Association of States and Provincial Psychology Boards Foundation and the APA Education Directorate. This document has not been voted on by the APA Council of Representatives and does not represent the policy of the American Psychological Association.

Work group members included: Linda Campbell, PhD, Nadya Fouad, PhD, Catherine Grus, PhD, Robert Hatcher, PhD, Kerry Leahy, PhD and Steve McCutcheon, PhD

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