Guidance for Accredited Internships Considering Program Changes

January 2013

A number of groups (e.g., HRSA, APA and the VA) are providing additional funds to accredited internships to increase the number of interns in their programs. This is a wonderful opportunity to provide additional trainees with internship experiences that meet quality assurance standards. To ensure that the addition of new positions, often linked with new rotations or different learning experiences, meets the standards of the profession for continued accreditation, programs adding interns and/or new rotations must inform the Commission on Accreditation (CoA) of these changes in accordance with Implementing Regulation (IR) C-19. In providing the required information to CoA, programs are reminded to make sure they address the following:

  • If adding rotations (Domain B.3; B.4; B.5) In addition to describing the activities and didactics of a new experience, the program needs to address how this new rotation or rotations will be coherent with the rest of the internship experience and how it will fit in the sequence of education and training at the site.

  • Curriculum and resource issues (Domain B.3; C.1) If there is a new rotation, new focus of training, and/or new didactic training, the program should provide details on what this entails — including the credentials of any new/faculty staff (abbreviated CVs) and information related to didactics consistent with IR C-29. 

  • If adding interns (Domain B.3.c; Domain C.2) If the selection of these interns differs at all from the selection process you have described in your last self-study, the program needs to address the basis of selection of these interns. If the selection remains the same as for other interns in your program simply indicate that the selection process is the same. Please indicate how the program will provide the required four hours of supervision for these additional interns. This should include information regarding where the supervision will occur and by whom, if the location and supervisors will be different than for other interns in the program. If the supervision arrangements remain the same as for other interns in your program simply indicate that the supervision arrangements are the same. If this entails use of additional faculty/staff, the program needs to include the abbreviated CVs of any new program members.

  • Funding source and equivalence of stipend (Domain C.3 and IR C-9) The program needs to discuss the source of additional funding and the equivalence of funding for interns in these new slots. If the funding is not at the same level as for other slots in the internship, the program is asked to address the issues identified in IR C-9.

The CoA will review changes as quickly as possible to ensure quality education and training for all students and interns in accredited programs. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation.