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What are the Implementing Regulations?

The Commission on Accreditation makes policy statements in an effort to help programs better understand how the Commission is interpreting aspects of its Guidelines and Procedures.

  • Prior to 1996, these were published in the Accreditation newsletter titled Capsule.

  • Beginning with the 1996 CoA Annual Report, policy statements adopted during the year were printed in that publication.

  • Beginning in 1999, the Office made a systematic effort to collect all of the documents published in the newsletters and annual reports into one coherent document and to update the policy statements that initially went into effect under the previous accreditation standards to be consistent with the current G&P.

  • In 2000, the Office made a copy of all Implementing Regulations available to the public. 

  • All Implementing Regulations were posted online in June 2001. The dates of initial confirmation and revision are indicated on every Implementing Regulation.

  • In 2005, the Implementing Regulations were renumbered for consistency with the new Accreditation Operating Procedures.

  • The CoA revises and adopts new Implementing Regulations on a regular basis. Please visit our Policies and Procedures page for the latest full version of the Implementing Regulations.

Other accreditation questions

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