Committee on Socioeconomic Status Programming and Events

This year’s convention programming will feature many opportunities to explore the psychological science to understanding the role of SES and poverty in health, education and human welfare. Please enjoy this compilation of SES-related programming (PDF, 1.3MB) during the 122nd APA convention. Items were primarily gathered from the APA convention online catalog.

Thursday, Aug. 7

Symposia: Disentangling Race/Ethnicity and SES – Implications for Understanding and Reducing Health Disparities  
2:00 – 2:50 p.m., Convention Center, Street Level, Room 152A
Chairs: John Ruiz, PhD, University of North Texas; Cynthia Hudley, PhD, University of California – Santa Barbara
Participants: Norman Anderson, PhD, APA Executive Office, Washington, DC. Disentangling Race/Ethnicity and SES: Insights Into Policy and Practice; David R. Williams, PhD, Harvard University. Approaches to Disentangling Race/Ethnicity and SES in the Context of Health Disparities.

Friday, Aug. 8

SES Networking Event & 2014 CSES Leadership Award Ceremony
11: 30 a.m. – 12: 30 p.m., Public Interest Suite, Renaissance Washington Hotel

Saturday, Aug. 9

Symposia: Intersections of Education and the War on Poverty
3:00 – 3:50 p.m., Convention Center, Street Level, Room 144C
Chair: Linda Petroff, PhD, Bellevue University
Salvador Macias, PhD, University of South Carolina-Sumter
Participants:  Cynthia Hudley, PhD, University of California – Santa Barbara. Psychology, Education and Concentrated Poverty; Roberta Downing, PhD, APA Governance Relations Office. Educational Interventions to Combat Poverty: A Policy Perspective; Ramani Durvasula, PhD, California State University-Los Angeles. Education, Economic Diversity and Pressures of Acculturation

CSES Premiere Screening of Paycheck to Paycheck
4:30 – 6:00 p.m., Public Interest Suite, Renaissance Washington Hotel

Sunday, Aug. 10

Debating the War on Poverty vs. War on Poor: Psychology’s Contribution
12:00 – 1:50 p.m., Convention Center, Street Level East Salon F
Chair: Cynthia Hudley, PhD, University of California-Santa Barbara
Participants: Roseanne Flores, PhD, City University of New York Hunter College. Psychological Impacts of a Childhood Lived in Poverty; James Jackson, PhD, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. War on Poverty’s Impact on Desegregation and an Aging Society; Heather Bullock, PhD, University of California-Santa Cruz. Exploring Gender & Poverty through Practice and Policy; Susan Bruyere, PhD, Cornell University. Disability Lens on Poverty, Practice and Policy; Roberta Downing, PhD, APA Government Relations Office. Psychology, Poverty and Politics.
Discussant: Bernice Lott, PhD, University of Rhode Island