Early Career Psychologist Leadership Network (ECPLN)

The Early Career Psychologist Leadership Network (ECPLN) is an online email list for early career leaders and aspiring leaders in APA governance, divisions and State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations (SPTAs). The network provides a forum for members to discuss and collaborate on early career initiatives, programs and strategies to increase recruitment, retention, and involvement of early career psychologists in leadership positions in professional organizations and associations.

This network is supported by the APA Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP), whose members also participate in ECPLN.

How to Join the Network

Representatives must be within seven years receipt of the doctorate at the time of joining the email list. To join the ECPLN, simply send an email.

  • Please put “ECPLN Request” in the subject line.

  • The email must include the following information: your complete name, email address and the leadership position you currently hold (e.g., member of the APA Committee on Rural Health, Division 5 Membership Chair, on the Maryland SPTA Strategic Planning Taskforce, etc…).

  • If you do not currently hold a leadership position, simply state that you aspire to be a leader in the future.

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours to be added to the list. You will receive a confirmation email once your name has been added.

What ECPLN Members Do

ECPLN representatives ensure effective communication with other early career and non-early career members of the division or state association they represent. They actively participate in the emai list. They also:

  • Advise and assist the CECP in carrying out its mission.

  • Assist in publicizing opportunities and resources for early career psychologists.

  • Inform and share information about other early career programs, events

  • Collaborate with CECP and other members of the network to identify areas of concern and make recommendations.

  • Attend the ECPLN business meeting each year at the APA Annual Convention.

Please see the network charter for more information. Subscribers to the email list may be removed by CECP or APA staff with or without cause, on its own volition. Subscribers must also adhere to all APA’s rules and policies.