Early Career Psychologist Leadership Network Charter and Terms of Reference

I. Mission Statement

The Early Career Psychologists Leadership Network (ECPLN) is a Listserv® that provides a forum for early career leaders and aspiring leaders in APA Divisions and State, Provincial and Territorial Psychological Associations (SPTAs) to discuss and collaborate on early career initiatives, programs and strategies to increase recruitment, retention and involvement of early career psychologists in leadership positions in professional organizations and associations.

II. Membership of the ECPLN

A. Membership in the network is comprised of early career leaders and aspiring leaders in APA divisions and state associations. ECPLN representatives are responsible for ensuring effective communication with other early career and non-early career members of the division or state association they represent.

B. Representatives must be APA early career members as defined by the APA association rules as being within 10 years receipt of the doctorate at the time of joining the listserv.

C. Qualifying members may join the ECPLN

D. All seven members of the Committee on Early Career Psychologists (CECP) are also members of the ECPLN. 

E. Subscribers to the email list may be removed by CECP or APA staff with or without cause, on its own volition. Subscribers must also adhere to all APA’s email list rules and policies.

III. Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of the ECPLN is to facilitate collaboration and exchange of ideas between APA divisions and state associations and to build and support a network of early career psychologists willing to serve as leaders and future leaders within the governance structures of APA, divisions and state associations. Representatives of the network will advise and assist the CECP in carrying out its mission, serving the interests of early career members and maintaining effective and accurate communications. Other responsibilities may also include, but are not limited to:

A. Active participation in discussions on the Listserv.

B. Assist in the promotion and publicizing of opportunities and resources for early career psychologists (such as early career programming at the APA Annual Convention).

C. Inform and share information about other early career programs, events and activities within APA, divisions and state associations.

D. Collaborate with CECP and other members of the network to identify areas of concern and make recommendations on how to address the best interests of early career psychologists in APA, divisions and state associations.

E. Subscribers are encouraged to participate in all discussion on the Listserv, provide feedback to your appropriate group and to attend the ECPLN business meeting each year at the APA Annual Convention.

IV. Business Meeting

There shall be an ECPLN business meeting at the APA Annual Convention.  All subscribers to the leadership network are welcomed and strongly encouraged to attend the business meeting and to suggest topics for discussion at the meeting which may include but are not limited to: a review of CECP’s annual report and accomplishments, programming ideas for future conventions, professional development and advancement opportunities, challenges and or successes of early career leaders or aspiring leaders within their respective groups, and other topics of interest.