Grantee spotlight: transforming teenagers’ lives

APF helps high school students explore psychology.

In 2007, Brooklyn College received a $30,000 Pre-College grant to develop and implement a psychology program, led by Laura Rabin, PhD, at Brooklyn College Academy High School for 60 under-represented minority students. Students earned college credit for their successful completion of Introduction to Psychology and Abnormal Psychology. In addition to supporting classroom instruction, the grant also supported mentoring opportunities on how to succeed in college and beyond. 

Building on the APF grant, Rabin was awarded a 2012 National Science Foundation Neuroscience Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) grant, which brought talented, under-represented undergraduate students from throughout New York City into neuroscience research laboratories at Brooklyn College.

“I am extremely grateful to the APF for its generous support,” says Rabin. “It was a pleasure and a privilege to oversee this project, which enabled me to connect with students and create challenging, yet supportive learning environments that fostered students’ intellectual and personal growth and contributed to my own development as an educator and mentor. The benefits of this APF project have truly been significant and far-reaching.”